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The 27th Annual 10km Spring Run Off  was held at Lake Annette and Lake Edith in the Jasper National Park, on the 8 May 2011.

With a new logo and over 150 runners we were in for another fun day!   This years proceeds went to the “Jasper 4 Japan” appeal… helping the Japanese Communities that were affected by the terrible Tsunami that hit the country earlier this year!

This race is a very special event for us at Totems and we would like to thank all the runners, families, and supporters for keeping this great tradition alive!

Special Thankyou goes to….

Source for Sports, New logo, by graphic designer Brad Stratton in NZ, All the Volunteers, Jasper 4 Japan Group, Staff at Totems, and most importantly you the Runners! We hope you enjoy the day as much as we did and hope to see you all again for another exciting event next year!

Congratulations to all the place winners! All the Results can be found under “EVENTS”! Here are some photographs of the event… Enjoy!

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ICE HOCKEY – TOTEM v SFS 2010/2011

This year the Cup was back on the line for the taking! The first warmup game was held at Patricia Circle on a chilly night! With four hours of intense battle both teams were ready for another blood bath held at the end of the year!

On 14th April 2011, Totem and Source for Sports were back at it, with a game of Hockey at the Jasper Ice Rink! With our own changing rooms, we were able to go over tatics! Here are some photos of our staff hockey match! Enjoy!

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Staff Ski Day 2010/2011

On 26th of April 2011, staff from both Totem Ski Shop and Source for Sports got together to celebrate another great ski season at Marmot Basin! With a dress code from a Japanese Victor Vassallo to a Pro French Snowblader we were all in for a fun day! The morning was spent with staff pushing their limits by trying something new… skiing, snowboarding, or even snowblading! Lunch was held at the mid chalet with amazing food provided by Oka Sushi (THANKYOU OKA YOU ARE A LEGEND).

With some extreme riding (Val) to finish the season, everyone had a great time up at Marmot Basin! Thankyou to all the Management Staff from both stores, all the Staff and to Mr Everest for another great winter!


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Jasper Pentathlon 2011

Team Totem, Jasper Pentathlon held at Pyramid Lake on 22 January 2011

On a nice chilly Saturday morning the Jasper community held the 2nd annual Pentathlon Event. Teams of 5 put together of a Biker, XC-Skier, Snow Shoe Runner, Ice Skater, and a Runner.

The 2011 Totem Team arrived in 2nd Place out of 26 teams!

Totem Team Members Marc (X-Country Ski), Viet (Snow Shoe Run), Victor (Skate), Sean (Run), and Manu (Bike)

Manu (Our Biker was like a true Frenchman in the Tour de France) racing up the hill from town all the way to Pyramid Lake where Marc was waiting in X-C skis!

Jasper Pentahlon 22 Jan 2011

Manu gave us a great start in front of the pack, giving us a comfortable position! Then it was the power house Marc Vien who had to ski over 4km around the lake, with awesome time the Totem Team was looking strong just a few minutes behind 1st place!

Jasper Pentathlon 22 January 2011

Next was our Kiwi in Snow Shoes, running 2.5km in deep POW… with no experience ever in Snow Shoes was explosive for the first 100m haha!

Jasper Pentathlon 22 January 2011

Coming round the final bend Team Totem was still in the leading pack where Victor was waiting to be tagged for his skate around the ice! 15 fast laps on the frozen lake made up time and gave our Runner Sean the job to finish strongly.

Jasper Pentathlon 22 January 2011

Sean (Run) ran up to the stables at freakish speed and was back at the bottom in no time. Going through the finish line in 2nd place!

Jasper Pentathlon 22 January 2011

Awesome work by our team members and thankyou to all of the support from family and friends who braved the cold! Congratulations to Free Wheel for taking first place and to the community for turning the event in to an amazing fun day!

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Marmot Challenge Jan 19,2011

First Astoria Marmot Challenge was held on Tranquillizer, GS format.  It was a good race with about 17 teams.  Team Totem finished in second place behind Papa Georges.  The margin of victory was 2 seconds for the combined 8 runs. Pretty close race.  Jasper Source for Sports had a great time with a good mixture of tele skier, snowboarder,  and a couple of crazy skiers.  The after event celebrations at the D’ed Dog was the best part of the day.  Good times had by all.  Stay tuned for more Marmot Challenge info after each race.

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Staff Adventures

Check back soon to read staff adventures.

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