Winter Products

Alpine Skis and Boots


We carry a huge selection of skis, equipment for beginners skiers, elite skiers and every skier in between. Whether you like to cruise green runs or hike for fresh tracks, we will help you find the right equipment that suits your needs. We want our customers to enjoy the mountains just as much as we do. We take a lot of pride in setting our customers up with the right equipment. We have a huge selection of skis, so the choices will seem endless, but with a few questions from our ski experts we’ll narrow the choices down to the ski that is right for you. Ask about the Try Before You Buy program.

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Totem is a Proud Sponsor of the Jasper Ski Team


Boots are the most important pieces of ski equipment you will own. If you only buy one piece of equipment, boots should be it. “What do I want in a boot” Just like our skis, we carry boots for every skier. When you buy boots from us, we make sure they fit. Sometimes that’s right out of the box, and sometimes we have to make adjustments. When you have happy feet, your skiing experience is enhanced. Don’t forget good socks. Ski socks improve the fit and increase the warmth of your boots. Ski socks are a small investment worth every penny.


Cross Country Skis

Our Cross Country Skiing Department has grown over the past couple of years to match the sport’s increasing popularity. Not only is cross country fantastic exercise, it’s a beautiful way to see Jasper National Park. Check out the current cross country trail report for information on current track-set trails and conditions.

We carry a variety of cross country skis, for skiers who stick mainly to track set trails and for those who want to get off trail. Each ski is available with a boot and binding for a packaged price. Already have cross country ski equipment? We have all the kick wax you’ll need for Jasper. Come in and see us. We’re happy to chat about current trail conditions.

Snowboard and Boots


Variety describes our snowboard department. For those just starting out, we have entry level snowboard and binding packages, and for those with more experience we have a selection of boards for everything from all mountain riding to jibbing in the park. To help get you the right equipment, we want to find out what kind of riding you enjoy and what kind of rider you want to be.


Just like ski boots, having the correct snowboard boots are going to take your on-hill experience from average to amazing. To get the right fit we will take a look at your foot, find out whether you prefer comfort, performance or something in between, and find the boot for you. Bring your snowboard socks with you and find the boot that performs for you.

Clothing Helmets and Goggles


Functional, warm and durable, the outerwear we display has to pass our tests before it appears in our winter clothing selection. The mountains bring us a variety of weather and the right clothing makes all the difference. We’ll help you start with a good base layer and end with a great fitting and functional outer piece. Totem’s wants to make sure you find the clothing you need for your outdoor adventures.


Helmets and Goggles

When buying a helmet, bring your goggles. When buying goggles, bring your helmet. For optimal performance and comfort, your lid and your eye protection should fit together seamlessly. Helmets not only protect your melon, they are warm and comfortable. We have a range of shapes for narrow or wide heads, sixes from small to XXL. Try a few on and see what fits your head the best. We’re here to help you find the right model for your noggin. Good goggles increase your confidence. When you can see the terrain clearly, you will feel more confident linking turns. Choose the lens suitable for the climate you ski in. Let us know where you ski the most and we’ll help your choose the right goggle.


Winter in the Alberta Rockies is cold. Totem’s has a great selection of functional, fashionable winter boots. The below-zero weather is a reality in Jasper, but that doesn’t mean your feet have to be cold. High quality insulated boots will allow you to walk Jasper’s streets and trails in comfort. In addition to our winter footwear we also carry Icers—grips you strap to your boots for walking on icy sidewalks and trails. With the melt-freeze patterns of recent years, more traction has become a necessity.

Hope to see you in Jasper soon!