Boot Fitting

Give sore feet the boot!

Totem’s Ski Shop knows that of all the gear we need to go alpine skiing, none is is as important as the boot. This is the connection between your body and your edges, your foundation for stance and balance.

The Caddy or the race car

Think of your boots like an automobile. Whereas a Cadillac gives you all-day comfort, its steering is slow and less precise. A race car’s handling, conversely, is quick, positive and unforgiving. The whole family can pile into a Caddy, whereas a race car is a tight squeeze. Similarly, you can ease into a softer, more forgiving boot at the expense of precision or you can jam your dogs into the stiffest, most responsive boots on the market—with a loss of coziness. At Totem’s, you can have the Caddy or the race car—and anything in between.

Time well invested

Simply put: the quicker the reaction, the less forgiveness and the tighter the fit. But instead of jamming yourself into a new pair of boots and hitting the slopes, take the time with a professional boot fitter to find the right boot for you. Your ability to link turns and the confidence you feel on your skis are directly related to how well your boots fit.

A broad boot spectrum

Your boot needs will depend on many things: what type of skier you are, what distinctive foot features you might have and what price range you have in mind. Keep in mind that boots are your most important piece of equipment and they are designed to last many years. In other words, price should not be your deciding factor.

Feet first

At Totem’s Ski Shop, our boot experts start at the bottom. We look at your feet to determine if they are wide or narrow. We want to know if they have a high arch or a high instep, if they pronate or supinate and whether you have bunions or bone spurs. What about your calves: are they low, high, heavy or thin? Do your legs bow, do your knees knock? All of these idiosyncrasies determine what type of boot will fit you best.

Individual sport, individual boot

Exactly how you ski has a huge impact on the boot you should be buying. Our boot experts always find out what our clients like to ski, how often they get out and what their skiing goals are.

The basics

Here’s what you should look when buying new boots:

  1. Can I get it on and off?
  2. Can I flex the boot when it’s on in such a way that my knees go over the toe of the boot?
  3. Do I feel balanced and in an athletic position when the boot is on?
  4. Do I feel like my knees are being pushed to the inside of the outside? (The upper cuff should be able to be adjusted to the angle of your leg).

Totem’s Tips

  • Our clients tell us that custom foot beds really improve fit, performance and warmth.
  • If you suffer from cold feet, electric boot heaters are an effective solution
  • Avoid cold feet—don’t over tighten your boots!